Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Chance to see Chiang Mai's Inthakin Ceremony

31st May to 6th June, 2008.
Last day to see Chiang Mai's Intakin festival which is held annually at the impressive Wat Chedi Luang Temple in the centre of the old city. Celebrating the Buddhist image of Phra Chao Fon Saen Ha thus invoking the annual rains and fertile soils. Join with the many local citizens to place flowers at the ancient 'Pillar of the City' and around the Chedi to strengthen religious and community ties.
Bathe Buddha images by an intriguing pulley system with a never ending supply of tasty snacks to sample at the temple fair. Also a chance to see traditional Lanna costume worn particularly by women carrying finely crafted silver ceremonial bowls and woven basketry