Sunday, October 10, 2010

1# Green Eco City in South East Asia!

photo credit: Oliver Hargreave
photo credit: Kirk Hollis

On the 10th of October 2010 (10:10:10) was a ground breaking day for all the community of Chiang Mai City, the capital of the Lanna people in the 8 provinces of the far north region of Thailand.

Joining with other capital cities around the globe such as Paris, France; Mexico City and Lisbon, Chiang Mai signed up and became the first Green Eco City in South East Asia to join a global movement for every individual, school, business and organisation to pro actively cut their carbon use by 10% each year starting 10:10:10.

On 10:10:10 Day of Doing 7,347 actions in more than 191 countries around the globe spear headed by and came together to make a bold statement to question our society, our values and our commitment to cooperating together to forge a better society and a better future. 10:10 global director Lizzie Gillett (producer of the internationally acclaimed environmental film Age of Stupid) recorded a live message direct from their London head office welcoming Chiang Mai to the global initiated movement. Check out this link for the low carbon event, Chiang Mai Car Free day 2010 with more than 1600 cyclists taking part.
Chiang Mai's elected Mayor Tassanai was the first to sign for Chiang Mai's elected local government to commit to a 'peoples pledge' that has 30 pro active culturally sensitive actions that will guarantee the city's environmental and economic sustainable well being.Promoting organic markets, alternative building practices, emissions reductions by more bicycle use, traditional samlors and walking within the famed cultural heart of the historical 700 years old moated city.

The city is now committed to recycling, composting and disposal of hazardous waste, public transportation with renewable cleaner and greener energies and the hopeful re introduction of ancient Lanna laws to govern wisely over the city's and the people's precious resources.

With more than 10,000 people pledged to date
including Princess Chao Duong Deun Na Chiang Mai of the Lanna Royal family with students and their committed teachers leading the way!

Local enviromentally aware tour operators, hotel businesses, central government organisations such as the heads of regional health, energy and environmental ministries, regional NGO's aswell as the Chiang Mai director of the T.A. T. (Tourism Authority of Thailand that have all shown great initiative, foresight and cooperation to voluntarily sign up to the 'peoples pledge' showing that a bottom to top community 'grassroots' peoples action initiated by an umbrella network group NCCN is an effective sustainable way forward to protect this unique capital city, unique culture and unique region of the Lanna people.

Caroline Marsh is co-founder of Chiang Mai based independent ethical tour operator .."Expertise, Ethical travel and Authentic Experiences contribute to making a difference to local communities and the environment." passionate about new experiences and travel; preaches and teaches community environmental well being; Caroline writes for travel sites, regional magazines, her own blog -AuthenticChiangMai; coordinates local 'grassroots' community peoples actions through HEUSP (Holistic Environment Urban Schools Program) and a member of the umbrella network group Lanna Community Life Network (LCLN) which has grown out of NCCN

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