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Planting for Another 87 Years!

Welcome to Puttisopon Primary School 87th Anniversary!
Fine traditional fruit and vegetable carving and decorative leaf folding presented as a ceremonial display to HM King of Thailand.
Intricate creative skills by 11 year old grade 6 students

September the 1st 2012 was Puttisopon Primary School's 87th Anniversary, held a day early to fit school term. Formally a Temple school it is now under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Education, Chiang Mai with the original Chedi dating back to the 15th Century still within the schools' boundry.

Original Chedi 15 Century

chairman of the schools' foundation Khun Metta Soratiwa receiving a Dragon Fruit plant that contains many vitamins for health, easy to grow and promotes oxygen in the city air.

 This year the chairman of the schools' foundation Khun Metta Soratiwa, Puttisopon Director Banyot Somlid, Acharn Monk Sombat Siriponno,  Kru Nongluck DaengThai Head of Social Studies whom invited HEUSP and other school representatives along with head of the PTA Khun Manit Hongkaew celebrated by giving 87 students each a 1000 Baht to help support their studies with many children having social issues as sadly many have lost parents  with mainly Grandparents without government support caring for these kids and families under the poverty line.

Thanks to busy Mum's like Khun Nid and graduate Social Studies' teacher whom all gave a helping hand @ HEUSP tent with over a 1100 students taking home a plant to care for and together help keep healthy and clean the air in the city!.

Holistic Environment Urban School Program - HEUSP was lending a helping hand during the celebrations with 1700 give aways of six local and regional economic and medicinal plants to every visitor, student, teacher, PTA and parents.

The 'rush' to sign the pledge was incredible - Thanks to Kru David for supplying
some of the reused  plastic bags!

Kru Rueng Na Pha Phu Roong Rueng Grade 6/4 Teacher choosing her "Pak Wan Baan"

There was a slight catch for all these giveaways as everyone signed up first to the 10:10 LCLN peoples pledge first which is an easy step by step way to reduce how much carbon we all use starting at 10% with a goal to getting to 90% so children can have a safe, clean and healthy place to live.

School Director Bunyot Somlid pledges the school to cut carbon use by 10%  yearly

Kru Nong Luck DaengThai Head of Social Studies signs the LCLN peoples  pledges

This community event had a serious message with ideas designed around fun hands on activities!

Everyday at one of  the  old city's pollution 'hot spots' students with no protection and traffic police unprotected direct traffic and pedestrians
outside the school

We all must address urgent urban community health impacts from illegal black exhaust fumes from vehicles affecting our most youngest and at risk citizens

Creative Grade  3 Student!

 Creative use of flyers stating "STOP BURNING" has this bright grade 3 student  looking cool and spreading the message to all adults to stop all toxic waste, farm and forest burning it the main cause of chronic diseases in the young and aged

Ladies@ Huay Hong Krai - Doi Saket working hard!

A couple of days before the event we headed up to Doi Saket to collect all the plants. The team of Ladies did a great job collecting and stacking all 1700 + plants along with offering great local advice on plant properties including the " En Yurt" medicinal plant which was chosen.
Applied raw to the affected area it relieves muscular pain. Thank-you to Tomoko Kashiwazaki a long term Japanese resident and supporter for helping out.

Local Red Truck with 1700+ plants squeezed in the back!
 Car Share or is it a Plant Share!

Connecting Communities glimpes from behind the scenes on how cooperating together we can achieve our vision for a healthy livable safe Chiang Mai for all!

Helping together under team leader Khun Banyot Somlid and in the background Tomoko HEUSP

HEUSP Holistic Environment Urban School Program is a bottom to Top local community based  initiative encompassing 4 schools within Chiang Mai Old City including Yuparraj High School YPR., Puttisopon Primary School, Panee Nursery School and Mettasuksa  Boys School. Contact: Thai / English +66 0831 523621

Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replant -The HEUSP Mantra!

Caroline Marsh is co-founder of Chiang Mai based independent ethical tour operator  Trekking Collective Co.,  .."Expertise, Ethical travel and Authentic Experiences contribute to making a difference to local communities and the environment." passionate about new experiences, travel and environmental well being she writes for travel sites and helps coordinate local 'grassroots' community peoples actions for a better future society


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