Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lanna Community Life Network - People's Action for Change

Thank you for accepting our request for a dialogue with you on the issues regarding our concerns of the highly critical situation of our global climate crisis. We recognize this as an issue that undeniably requires urgent action globally, as well as locally, here in Chiang Mai.

Firstly, we would like to express our grave concerns about the slow process of negotiations between nations- as well as the insufficient commitment made by all nations in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change. It has been recognized that major industrialized countries, such as the US, Japan and the UK, have a significantly enhanced responsibility for the depletion of global natural resources and the emissions of GHGs.  However, these same states have not demonstrated their recognition of, nor made sufficient and rapid enough commitments to, the necessary steps that are required to tackle this crisis situation. This can only be achieved when these wealthy and powerful states seriously commit to the act of significantly reducing their own consumption of natural resources, as well as drastically cutting their emissions of GHGs.

People around the world are no longer waiting for these powerful nations to come up with intergovernmental agreements- but have been taking action locally, committing our selves to slowing the destructive process of global warming. We, a group of individuals who are concerned about the global climate crisis as well as the worsening environmental situation in this region, together with other groups and friends in Chiang Mai, have been active in raising more awareness among people in Chiang Mai and the world. The local action carried out last year during the Copenhagen Climate Conference was one of them.

We expect and request the consulate, as a representative of its government, to show its commitment in taking responsibility for this situation, which will also contribute to a healthier environment here in Chiang Mai. We are also here to express our contention that all personnel working at the consulate, seen as representatives of our respective countries as well as highly influential individuals living in Chiang Mai, to join us and contribute to lessening the effects of global warming and the environmental degradation currently occurring in our city.  

We would like to introduce the commitments made by other organizations and individuals including the Ministry of Energy, Chiang Mai’s Mayor, a number of area schools including faculties and students, etc. through the “People’s Pledge”. The “People’s Pledge” is conceived based on the concept of the campaign- 10:10.  10:10 inspires and supports people and organizations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% per year. Any individual, family, business or organization can make the commitment. 10:10 was initially launched as a UK campaign on the 1st of September 2009. Since then, the campaign has expanded and currently 113,031have been signed up in 186 countries. (for more information: ) One of the 10:10 global campaigners, Lizzie Gillett congratulates Chiang Mai as the 1st Green Eco City in South East Asia:

We also would like to ask each and every member of the personnel of the consulate to sign on to the “People’s Pledge” and to pro-actively implement it in her/his daily life.
We believe the consulate has an even greater responsibility and capacity than to just implement the “People’s Pledge” and so propose adding the following actions to the “people’s Pledge” to be adopted by the consulate as the “Chiang Mai Consulate Pledge”.
These actions include:

  • Publicize the consulate’s official mandate with regards to the state policy and measures to address climate change through its website, links to other websites and any other occasions;
  • Ensure all consulate sponsored programs, projects and activities will be ecologically responsible;
  • Conduct carbon audits of all consulate activities and publish the results regularly;
  • Propose and promote the low-carbon development model at all consulate-sponsored events;
  • Provide any available financial and/or other forms of support to the civil society in Chiang Mai in order to increase awareness on environmentally sound and sustainable development.

We also expect the consulates to act in the role of a ‘model’- as institutions in Chiang Mai, in contributing to a healthier environment and a more sustainable level of development through increasing their accountability and promoting cooperation with civil society.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing our proposal further on 15 December, 2011.  

Alex Putnam
Caroline Marsh-Subkaew 
Dave Arthurs
Oliver Hargreave
Punika Shinawatra
Russell Kirk Hollis
Steve Green
Tomoko Kashiwazaki
members of Lanna Community Life Network (LCLN)

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