Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Big Thank-you! Low Carbon Children's Day 2011

photo credit: Kirk Hollis

A Big Thank-you for the 2nd year! to all those who joined us at the Chiang Mai Low Carbon Children's Day Event on Saturday 08th January 2011.

Held this year at a New City Venue - Urban Development Centre (Earthern House and a preserved historical wooden building in the old city) on Ratchawithi Road.

We would like to say a Big Thank-you to...............

Thank-you to all the staff at UDIF especially Acharn Duongcharn Charoenmuang who has tirelessly spread the word of change and sustainability for a better caring Chiang Mai community and inviting us to join the event

Thank-you to all the staff especially the Ladies at Huay Kaew Nursery of the National parks and plants Dept. at the base of Doi Suthep for donating the local tree saplings.

Thank-you to everyone at the Tessabahn Chiang Mai plant Nursery out at Mae Hia for plants and bags of soil.

Thank-you to Khun Paradee and staff of Bohdi Serene Boutique Hotel for supporting the event for the 2nd year and coming to join us and help out with planting

Thank-you to Judith and all the staff and Managment of Riverside Restaurant for supporting the event for the 2nd year and donating all the icecream for everyone at the event.

Thank-you to teachers and students of Puttisopon Primary School to dance at the event.

Thank-you to Ricky of OurChiang Mai.com who helped with his time and transporting 500 local indigenous tree saplings and sharing his knowledge and support on local trees for a local community

Thank-you to Pung for giving up his own Children's Day to help other children plant and learn about how much fun it is for parents and children alike to feel soil in your hands, sign a plant pledge and nurture a plant to take home and care for!

Thank-you to Thamanoon and Lila for supporting and helping their Mum!

Thank-you to members of Lanna Community Life Network (LCLN) formerly NCCN especially to Kirk, Tomoko, Punika (Ja), Alex, Grace and Dave to giving up their precious spare time from hectic work schedules to help out at this event.

Along with other members of Lanna Community life Network (LCLN) they have been involved in many actions promoting awareness of our community's health, the environment and our natural resources. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0sHe6YsQVQ

Including local actions such as a 'Community Peoples Pledge' to lower carbon use
with many local influential people signing up including the Mayor, the Governor, Chao Duong Duen Na Chiang Mai, many regional directors of central government ministeries and most recently British Honorary Consul, Ben Svasti Thomson - UK Consulate.

More than 10,000 pledges so far with students, their teachers A. Sawat from Yupparaj High School, Kru Nongluck from Puttisopon School and Kru Maem Anubahn Panee (all schools part of Holistic Environment Urban Schools Program HEUSP) Rural Women's Organic Farmer's groups and most importantly families leading the way.

If you would like to find out more and would like to join an action or for regular meetings with LCLN see contact details below English / Thai / Japanese

Finally a very big Thank-you to all the children, parents, neighbours, friends old and new and fellow Chiang Mai Community who without your support we could not and cannot make Chiang Mai a better sustainable place to live for everyone urban and rural!

For more info: English 0831-523 621 ไทย 0892634422 Japanese 0812-884-216 LCLN initiative Sept2010

Caroline (Kare)

Project Coordinator
'Pilot Project' Holistic Environment Urban Schools Program, Chiang Mai, (HEUSP)

Parents for a Brighter future for our Children
mobile +66 083 1523621,

member of Lanna Community Life Network (LCLN) Climate Justice Now! formerly (NCCN)

......" Good Actions Require Everyone's Cooperation......" Jing Si

These projects have zero official funding and rely solely on the positive energy generated within our Chiang Mai Community

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Unknown said...

Congratulation for your effort.
I happent to be engaged on the same day of your events.
However, now I can follow you through this bloc.

Kanokwan Ukoskit