Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chiang Mai,Sarapi Car Free Day 2012

1500 super low carbon heroes on bikes waiting for the off!
Photo Credits: Kirk Hollis

The annual classic Car Free Day was this year held in Sarapi district which is the home to Chiang Mai's unique historical site of Wiang Khum Kum, the sunken capital city of Lanna that pre dates Chiang Mai's 716 years.

Young Student Bike Riders

The event with more than 1500 cyclists from every district as far as Mae Rim and Sankampaeng, all belonging to the Chiang Mai Cycling Network  registration was bright and early with clear blue skies across the mountains accompanying the riders.

Ladies from Chiang Mai Sunday Cycling Club

It was a great community event and a big Thank-you goes to everyone as the whole district participated from local residents, Staff at the local Sarapi Hospital, Women's cooperatives supplying huge amounts of food;  a local respected Monk Pra Ouan and temple groups involved with addressing social issues, celebrated local muscians singing traditional playful tunes in Lanna's own unique language of Kam Muang. Students from the local school band playing the morning national anthem at 8am with the supportive local head government officer  Nayok of Sarapi district over seeing the proceedings.

Nayok of Ampur Sarapi, LCLN, Kritsada Kampaengkaew of Chiang Mai Cycling Network,
Chiang Mai Sunday Cycling Club and supporters

Local community well being group LCLN and HEUSP were again invited to join the annual event signing up new cyclists to the LCLN Chiang Mai peoples pledge supported by the global community action 10.10global.org where we cut our carbon use every year by 10% with more than 6000 + Chiang Mai pledges signed to date. LCLN supporters were there with the crowds early morning chatting with locals promoting awareness on how we can all play our part towards a low carbon future, explaining the health risks to all the community and how together we can stop the big three of urban illegal black exhaust smoke from diesel trucks that go unchecked every day, burning of fields, forests and toxic trash and changing to renewable fuel and energy sources.

Young bike riders need extra care on the roads and don't forget your mask!

Chiang Mai Cycling Network

He's looking good!.....high visability cycling gear, forearm UV protectors, visor, wraparound shades, unique lanna coconut husk bike helmet with rear red light attached plus a face mask...and your ready to hit the streets!

Line up of all the community members including Nayok of Sarapi District, Kirk Hollis of LCLN,
Kritsada Kampaengkaew coordinator of the Car Free Sarapi Event 2012 and event staff.
LCLN Says to help Reduce the Black Diesel Smoke  you  must reduce the speed  limit around the City Moat, Schools, Markets, Hospitals and all public spaces.. Turn off your engines while waiting, red lights or on a school run.
 LCLN Says Yes to Clean Healthy Low Carbon Chiang Mai!
Care for Kids, Share the road!

Bejing, London, LA, Denver, Katmandu, HK all have heavy daily smog... so let's make Chiang Mai the first SEAsian healthy low carbon city..on your bike!

You can join Lanna Community Life Network - LCLN or HEUSP activities on a local, regional or global level - everyone with 'energy, ideas and community skills' are always welcome.

Businesses, organisations, schools, teachers and parents wishing to support LCLN  contact us to find out more on how your business can sign up to the LCLN pledge.

Contact LCLN by email or local mobile Khun Punika 0892634422 Thai/ English, Ms Hui 0846146702 Mandarin and Caroline 08321523621 for English/ Thai - all ages and nationalities welcome!

.." Good Actions Require Everyone's Cooperation.."  - Jing Si

These projects have zero official funding and rely solely on the positive energy generated within our Chiang Mai Community

Like LCLN on facebook!  
Caroline Marsh is co-founder of Chiang Mai based independent tour operator  Trekking Collective Co.,  .."Hands on Expertise, Ethical travel and Authentic Experiences contribute to making a difference to local communities and the environment." A social designer, passionate about new experiences, travel and environmental well being she writes for regional travel sites and coordinates local 'grassroots' community peoples actions for a better future society                                                                                                          



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